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Celia Jackson is a self-taught artist whose paintings are deeply influenced by folk art from around the world. During my travels in China, India, Thailand and Indonesia, I was inspired by how native artists, often dedicated to their craft by a devotion to a higher power, create pieces that tell a story, that are instantly accessible to the viewer and connect directly to the heart.

My portraits are personalized with layers of visual allegory – a favorite gift, an inside joke. They are playful celebrations of relationships, family, and all connections of the heart. Kinetic works – puzzles, cabinets – can be perpetually rearranged: a commentary on the fluidity of meaning and the importance of the viewer on the art. I approach painting as I approach life: with an open heart, and a spirit of inquisitiveness.

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Fall Painting at YAWS

December 24, 2010

This fall I had a great class of very energetic and focused boys! We painted and painted until layers of paint were built on multiple pieces over time.  They were very proud of their paintings and their ”artist hands” – colorful with all their hard work! I loved working with them – especially on our tryptch’s that [...]